16th Feb 2023.

Science Exhibition

Science Fair Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya
Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya Science Exhibition

Our school organizes an annual science exhibition to encourage and showcase the scientific creativity and innovation of our students. The exhibition provides a platform for students to demonstrate their understanding of scientific concepts through practical projects, experiments, and models. The event also promotes scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

This year’s science exhibition – Wonders of Imagination – commenced on the 16th of February. In the preparation weeks, which started on the 1st of February, students and teachers collaborated to explore a wide range of topics in science, from biology and chemistry to physics and engineering. Each group prepared a working model of their theory to demonstrate. 160 projects were put on display to visitors that included our chief guest Anuradha Gunupati (Founder Trustee, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation), parents, and faculty. Students explained their projects in detail, answered questions, and received feedback. Key highlights were:

DNA Models

  1. Working principles of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Wireless power transmission
  3. Functioning of Windmill
  4. Functioning of Power Plants

Our annual science exhibition is a celebration of the curiosity, imagination, and intellect of our students and a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation.